Just because he isn't scoring his usual truck-load of goals doesn't mean that Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho is upset with Cristiano Ronaldo - far from it!

Whilst Ronny hasn't been scoring his usual goals (which has seen him score an unbelievable number of goals for both Manchester United and Real Madrid - especially when he plays the majority of the time as a winger!), his overall game hasn't slipped, and Mourinho reckons its just a matter of time before he has his scoring boots back on.

In the mean-time, Jose is happy with the contribution Cristiano is making.

"I'm delighted with Cristiano. The big problem is when Cristiano doesn't score and neither do the team, like against Racing and Levante," Mourinho added.

"In the last few games he hasn't scored but the team has. Last year he won the Golden Shoe and Pichichi. Maybe this year he will win more important things."