Cristiano Ronaldo is happy to be out of the spotlight for once, as he discusses coach Mourinho and his team-mates. Marca had the exclusive interview.

"The fact that Mourinho has taken the spotlight off of me is good because he is a coach that people like and because he generates a lot of debate. He defends his players and speaks to us on a regular basis. He is very open and he listens to what we have to say. My relationship with him, as well as that of the other players, is perfect. I hope he is here for many years. I love working with such ambitious people like him; people who want to win."

"Benzema is in good shape. He is improving, helping the team and doing much better in recent matches. He is pushing himself hard, so we cannot pressure him. I am not surprised about Di Maria because I knew he would do well here. He runs the most out of anybody and plays his heart out. Teams always need players like him. He is very good form."

"Kaka will soon make fans happy. He is working hard to return to the player he once was and I am sure he will accomplish it. He is one of my best friends on the team along with Pepe, who is a phenomenal player, and Marcelo. But Iker and Sergio are also my friends. I get along with everyone. If you ask my teammates they will all say the same thing.

"I speak three or four languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, a little French and a few words in German. Frankly, the dressing room gets along great."

"I know everyone in the academy. In the few times we have played with them I have seen just how much talent there is. Morata is a great player for the future, as are Juanfran and Mateos."