Back in September, the prospect of Cristiano Ronaldo re-signing with Real Madrid seemed bleak as the star forward claimed that he was "unhappy, and the club knows why."

This prompted much speculation as to his leaving the squad and a lot of interest from Premier League team's, especially Manchester United. Now it seems that Ronaldo has done an about face and is once again happy with his position at Real Madrid.

Prior to Portugal's international friendly last week, Ronaldo told reporters that, "Yes, things have changed because I'm doing what I like, which is playing football, and I'm feeling great on the pitch and with my teammates." He continued, "Perhaps I have also changed my mindset. Right now I feel better than back then."

As to what his problems were, there is still much speculation. He continues to deny that his unhappiness has anything to do with the money he is receiving. Ronaldo refused to talk about his contract situation, likely to lead some to speculate that maybe a contract deal is either forthcoming or maybe there has been some type of agreement at least in principle.

Several high profile teams have been linked with potentially signing Ronaldo since he claimed he was unhappy, including his former squad Manchester United. Ronaldo is a worldwide recognized brand and singing him would not only provide additional talent on the field but also could result in big bucks in the forms of merchandise revenue, increased ticket sales, and even better sponsorship deals for whatever club he decides to sign with. What company would not want to be tied to a team with Ronaldo playing for them?

Midfielder Xabi Alonso also seems to believe that Ronaldo has turned the corner. In a press conference last month, he told reporters that, "Cristiano Ronaldo seems perfectly fine to me. We were together at the FIFA gala and we are just thinking about the Celta match now. I think Cristiano is happy here and the public is delighted with him. I have no doubt at all that he has the club's support. Of course, I would renew Cristiano's contract."

His renewed mindset is producing results on the field. Since the first of the year, Ronaldo has scored seven goals in four matches. This could spell trouble for both Manchester United and Barcelona as both teams have upcoming matches with Real.