It isn't often that Cristiano Ronaldo does long interviews in English, but thankfully they DO happen! We're working on getting Ronny chatting to fans of this website, but in the meantime we're letting Ben Cove of the ask the questions :)

Ronaldo may have turned up late, but he answered all of Ben's questions (see the link at the bottom for the full article) - here are the best bits...

Which fellow footballers have you looked to for inspiration during your career?

“I do not look to anyone. Of course there are players I enjoy watching and playing with: Rooney, Messi, Torres, Ribery, Cesc, Kaka and Benzema are some of my favourites. They are all great players. But I don’t copy people. I am my own man and my own player.”

You mentioned Wayne Rooney. You and him had a great partnership at United, do you keep in touch with him?

“Yes, I still stay in contact with a lot of friends in Manchester. Rooney is a great player; I have always known how great he is. He has a winning mentality and you never lose that. I would like to play with him again some day if possible.”

Who in particular do you stay in contact with at United?

“I speak to Rooney, and call or text Rio, Vidic, Evra and Nani. Just because I left the club does not mean my relationships with these guys ended. I spent many years playing with them and they are still my friends. In fact I still speak with Alex Ferguson, too, but what I talk to the boss about is private!”

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