Cristiano Ronaldo might not miss the food, and probably doesn't miss the weather, but he does miss one thing about Manchester - the ping pong!

Whilst he was signing shirts for the brand new Icons Ronaldo Store, Ronny was in a good mood, trying to answer questions fot the icons team. Inevitably life in Manchester came up (not least because the photographer still lives there!), and Ronaldo admitted that he misses playing table tennis.

Out in Madrid he plays a lot of tennis and basketball (on his own private court in his back garden), but he never really gets tested on the table-tennis table - the Real Madrid boys just aren't up to the same level as Rooney, Giggs et al.

One of his favourite things to do on European away trips, when the team are holed up in hotels for hours on end, was beat his team-mates at ping-pong. But, whilst Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas try their best they aren't much of a challenge!

According to Ronaldo, Paul Scholes is the man to beat at United! Rooney presumably concentrates on playing FIFA...?