Cristiano Ronaldo has hailed Real Madrid as the greatest club in the world - with its fanbase and history particularly impressive to him. He also told the press about getting his legs battered and bruised when he was playing as a kid (the same as he gets now!)

"I've never seen a club as great as Real Madrid. It is impressive on all levels: in its greatness, in its fanbase, in its history," Ronaldo revealed to Cadena SER. "The reaction we get is incredible wherever we go.

"I'm accustomed to dealing with unpleasant situations. I sometimes get bothered by things I hear or that people say to me, but they are a part of my life. I only listen when they say 'This Portuguese player is very good'. I don't need people to annoy me in order to play well. I always try to give my best when I'm on the pitch and I try to help my team win with goals and passes. I always try to be the best."

"Look at my legs and see how bruised they are. But that's normal. I'm used to being challenged," he said. "I try not to answer back. I get up and continue playing.

"I was kicked around the same way when I was a kid, and I got up and carried on because they were all bigger than me.

"In order to be successful you have to believe and feel you can become a footballer. If you work hard I'm sure you can achieve what you want. Everyone has one chance in their lives and they have to make good use of it."