Ronaldo turns to Internet Poker

You would have thought that Cristiano Ronaldo wouldn't have much time to fit in playing online computer games, what with all the travel, games, training and commercial stuff he has to do, but it seems he has been learning how to play poker.

A user with the name of CR7sete was spotted in the FullTilt Poker rooms, playing in a game with two well-known professionals (Antonius and Daniel Cates). One of these pros tweeted that he was “Playing on full tilt vs Cristiano Ronaldo…I’m winning lol, fortunately not playing football.”

A few days later, Ronaldo was spotted again, playing on a much higher stakes website against another well-known poker pro.

Although a leap up in stakes for the player believed to be Cristiano Ronaldo, a couple of observers were contemplating why Antonius was playing so low, when CR7sete typed in: “Didnt move down in levels…we are friends.”

When their session had finished, CR7sete had won a little bit of money from the Finnish pro with the conversation finishing:

Patrik Antonius: wp champ
CR7sete: Thanks…
Patrik Antonius: footbol and poker good
Patrik Antonius: tennis is so so…
Patrik Antonius: ciao
CR7sete: I go the car now…
CR7sete: Good game…play tomorow
CR7sete: o text my mobile….
Patrik Antonius: ok
Patrik Antonius: ciao
CR7sete: adeus

The twoplustwo forum then picked up the story, with a few members contemplating that he might either have been playing a friendly game against the pros or alternatively been taking some poker lessons. Daniel “jungleman12″ Cates, for instance, is known to charge $1000/hr for coaching lessons, rising to $2000/hr if you play at $25/$50 and above.