Cristiano Ronaldo may have it all thesedays - from private heicopters to £10m mansions in Hollywood - but that doesn't mean that he is going to spoil son Ronaldo Junior! Ronaldo is staying close to his roots and might even make his son go to a normal school like he did.

"I want to keep him from being spoilt with luxuries. He will be taught values and religious values," said Ronny.

"Although I was raised in poverty, he’s going to be raised very rich. But I am not posh, so my son is not going to be posh. I don’t want him to go to a posh school. I want him to mix with normal people. But because of my success, I think I’m going to have to send him to private school. I’ll have to choose carefully."

“I was brought up with nothing, we were very poor. I had no toys and no Christmas presents. I shared a room with my brother and two sisters and my parents slept in the other. It was a small space. But I didn’t mind. I’m incredibly close with my brother and sisters and we loved being together. For us it was ­normal, it was all we knew. Everyone around us lived the same way and we were happy.”