Ronaldo wins Libel Case

Cristiano Ronaldo was celebrating again today - this time away from the football field. Ronaldo was due to appear in court tomorrow to discuss the case he brought against the Daily Telegraph, but instead will have the day off, with the newspaper accepting the blame for telling lies, and offering Ronny compensation.

They had originally published a report that when Ronaldo arrived in LA back in August 2008, he "headed straight for" a trendy nightclub and danced with the models before being served "£10,000 worth of Cristal champagne". It had suggested the events would dismay his then manager at Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, his solicitor Mr Dunlavy told the Judge that Sir Alex and the club's medical staff had been fully aware that the Portugal international was in Los Angeles on holiday.

"While he [Ronaldo] did attend the nightclub in question, he did not drink any alcohol at all whilst there, nor at any time whilst in Los Angeles."

Mr Dunlavy added that his client had not put down his crutches but had occupied a private corner of the club with friends, while drinking "non-alcoholic energy drinks".

The paper has accepted the allegations were false and apologised, and has paid out compensation to Ronaldo.

In a statement, Ronaldo said he was "delighted" with the outcome.

"I take enormous pride in my professionalism. I treat my training and recovery from injury very seriously and would never have drunk and danced in a nightclub without my crutches," he said.